Tuesday, June 13, 2017


i picked this blog back up in february...and there it sat. i must have dreamed about having free time to post or something.

well, here's an update.

presley is currently potty trained. she OWNED that princess potty back in march like it was her J.O.B. and was potty trained in three days. now, don't get me wrong, there were lots of tears and "I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS ANYMORE!", but those were 100% from me. i basically lived in the small hallway half-bath for three days with a baby on my boob, sitting on a tiny step stool, supervising a toddler watching 87 billion youtube kids videos of other kids (and some adults?) opening toys. #glamorous.

eli is SEVEN months old in a few days...ummm what? as i'm typing this he is army crawling across the floor desperately trying to find something dangerous to put in his mouth. my milk production issues were resolved and he weighed almost 17 lbs at his 6 month checkup. PRAISE HANDS.

i get to shower a little more often now. so, life is definitely smelling a little better.

i also ventured into a new little side gig... LIPSENSE.
to be honest, i'm not quite sure what i'm doing. i'm so introverted and selfies make me SO uncomfortable, so this little venture isn't easy, but you just can't help who you love... and i love me some lipsense. so i'm posting selfies and being super awkward over on my facebook page. at least my lips look good.

so that's where life's at today. i'd say i'll be back tomorrow...buttttt....

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